My book

I recently published a small book on evolutionary biology, the main reason I have created this blog.

Its title is “Lições sobre sete conceitos fundamentais da biologia evolutiva” (Lessons about seven key concepts of evolutionary biology), and it was published by the National University of Brasilia Press.

capa unb

The basic objective in composing this book was to write a work in popularizing science, or science communication, if you like. I purposely tried, therefore, to imitate the masters of Science communication in biology as Richard Dawkins, Lorenz, Stephen Gould, Jared Diamond and Maynard Smith. I didn’t come even close, but it is important to clarify my original intention.

The seven concepts are homology, apomorphy, gene pool, selection, fitness, exaptation and genetic drift. If one day I have enough proficiency in English, I intend to translate it.

I would like to thank the co-author, Felipe Pessoa, one of the most brilliant biologists I have ever known, as well as Claudio Neves and Nilo Aragão, who gave numerous tips and advices about the book.


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