eu2My name is Gerardo Furtado. I’m an amniote tetrapod, a primate mammal that inhabits the pleasant southeastern coast of Australia, in a place that we humans call Melbourne. I am fascinated about science and specially about biology, in (almost) all its aspects, from biochemistry to ecology. An incipient hellenist and a confessed bibliophile, I intend, if one day I can finish my degree, to become a biologist.

I have worked for twenty two years as a high school teacher, so I am – and I have to be – an eternal student. After publishing my little opus, “Lições sobre sete conceitos fundamentais da biologia evolutiva” (Lessons about seven fundamental concepts on evolutionary biology), I felt the need to create a blog about evolution, where I could write so many ideas and analysis that I didn’t put in the book, and many others that come up suddenly, while reading an article, seeing a documentary or simply chatting away with friends.

Until recently I lived with a female primate, one labrador retriever and six cats, in addition to countless small birds and hummingbirds. I still live with the female primate, and now with countless cockatoos, magpies, seagulls, kookaburras,  ravens and rosellas, that give me the pleasure of their company…

A hummingbird illustrates this blog since it was created, representing the power of evolution: how a dinosaur (yes, hummingbirds are dinosaurs) can change so much. The photo of the hummingbird Florisuga mellivora was obtained on Fotopedia (creative commons: photo by Kat & Sam on Flickr). The quote “no foresight, no way back” is from Maynard Smith, “The origins of life”.


Gerardo Furtado


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Ótimos assuntos de seu blog. Sou graduando de Psicologia, mas tenho os dois pés (alguns dizem que é o corpo inteiro) nas ciências biológicas, mais especificamente em etologia e Psicologia Evolucionista. Muito claro os textos. Parabéns!

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